Frequently asked questions
Orbios is an international payment service provider. It offers online retailers to take payments and provide payouts all around the world by utilizing payment cards and alternative payment systems. Furthermore, Orbios offers a closed ecosystem for processing firm payments, ranging from payments to employees to better ways of managing currency risks. Orbios gives the unique opportunity to create an unlimited number of virtual accounts with different Fiat and cryptocurrencies.
Our primary difference is that Orbios provides more than just online payment processing. This involves a customized approach to building the overall payment plan, as well as analyzing and developing the client's market, identifying potential areas of growth and their associated risks. Orbios also gives its clients the opportunity to make multi-currency accounts and add different Fiat and cryptocurrencies to various accounts. We work fast, convenient and secure for your satisfaction!
We follow all industry-standard rules and best practices to ensure that your money is protected.
Opening an account with Orbios is completely free. Fees and restrictions are set by numerous factors that we carefully examine throughout your application.